Friday, November 25, 2011

Rose – Unfurling in the sun


Our Garden November 17th 2011. - View enlarged photo here


  1. That is such a stunning photo of the yellow rose. How do you get your signature onto your photos like that?? I've often wondered about it, because I think I would like to do the same.

  2. Thisisme@ The beauty of nature is wonderful. I will send you a message about the signature.

  3. Hi Lindy Lou,
    thanks for stopping by on my blog. So nice to hear from you.
    So you just finished harvesting olives! That is so cool!
    Love your photos of the yellow rose and the wild clematis. Never saw such an unusual flower with "hair". ha!


  4. This is just beautiful rose in shape and color!

  5. I love roses, and usually buy a dozen apricot coloured roses every week, they unfurl their petals slowly over the week and have a delicate perfume. I love all colours though, I planted a beautiful pink one last year in our front garden. The yellow rose is beautiful.

  6. Butterbean Row@ Lovely to have you here and glad you like the photos, the wisteria is actually the seedhead.
    IcyBC@ Thanks for calling by to support this new project.
    Jackie@ Welcome, how lovely to treat yourself to a bunch of roses every week.

  7. Marvellous. I can even feel the velveteen texture of those deep yellow petals and am sure I caught a whiff of the soft fragrance on the breeze. Actually, we have a gale blowing out there, today.


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