Friday, March 1, 2013

Saint David's Day - Daffodil

Happy Saint David's Day from Wales.

Saint David's Day (Welsh: Dydd Gŵyl Dewi) is the feast day of Saint David, the patron saint of Wales, and falls on the 1st of March each year.  Many Welsh people wear one or both of the national emblems of Wales on their lapel to celebrate St. David: the daffodil (a generic Welsh symbol which is in season during March) or the leek (Saint David's personal symbol) on this day. The leek arises from an occasion when a troop of Welsh were able to distinguish each other from a troop of English enemy dressed in similar fashion by wearing leeks.[The association between leeks and daffodils is strengthened by the fact that they have similar names in Welsh, Cenhinen (leek) and Cenhinen Pedr (daffodil, literally "Peter's leek")

Information source: Wikipedia - Saint David's Day

This photo was taken in Tywyn, Wales, on the 16th of February in my sister's garden.

I am sadly not able to be posting here very often at the moment, please see my note in the side column.


  1. Wonderful anecdote; whenever I cook with leeks I'll remember this but I think the image of the daffodils will stay in my mind, tho. Lovely shade of yellow,

    So sorry to hear about your husband's illness; my sincere wish is that he recovers quickly. Let us know from time to time how it is progressing. Visit us without commenting might be a pleasant diversion for you; we'll wait patiently for your return. My very best to you two!

  2. Happy St David's day to you and yours. xx

  3. beautiful flowers beautiful colors.

  4. Happy Saint David's Day to you, Lindy Lou!
    Love your daffodils...
    Warm greetings, Anna

  5. Happy St David's day to you both. I hope things are improving for you. Have a great weekend Diane

  6. I'm a bit late in the day
    but would still like to wish you
    a very Happy St. David's Day.

    Have a great week and I hope that March will be a good month for you.


  7. Thinking of you and your husband and hoping everything is going well. A belated happy St. David's day.

  8. These are lovely...and I learned something!

  9. there's something I didn't know. People wear leeks? LOL I'd stick with the daffodil--which is nicely captured, btw.

    I do hope things are going well for you and yours.

  10. Ciao Linda, I'm having a massive catch up with blogs but I keep reading your updates on FB, I hope your husband will be better soon!

  11. I wonder if I was Welsh in a former life ;>)? I adore this flower. I am thinking of the two of you often and hope things are going along OK. May the Spring flowers brighten your days.

  12. Thank you for sharing your early spring! We are still not seeing any color yet! Hope all is well!

  13. Daffodils are my favourite flower, and I believe that they would remain so even if I wasn't Welsh!

    I'm sorry to read of your husband's illness. I hope his health improves soon. With my very best wishes to you both.

  14. Lovely flowers! Hope things are going well.

  15. Beautiful flowers you show. Hope all is well with you.
    In this country, all on one white - we have frost and snow. Wish you a good day :) Hanne Bente


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