Friday, January 15, 2016

Glorious Rainbow - Skywatch Friday

A Glorious Rainbow


Whilst I was away over Christmas and New Year I was of course busy taking photos at every opportunity. I did continue to post photos almost daily on Instagram

My ever growing collection gives me a good library of photos to call on in the coming months as I hope to be joining in some fun memes.

If any one cares to recommend some new ones to me I would be delighted.

To start the New Year collection I am sharing a collage of just one of the many rainbows that I have seen this winter. The unsettled weather certainly seems to have been perfect for rainbows, a wonderful phenomenon produced by Mother Nature.

Sharing today with Skywatch Friday


  1. this is just so beautiful and awe inspiring.

  2. A gorgeous collage of the rainbow! Looking forward to seeing what else you've been capturing!

  3. Just beautiful and belated Happy New Year Diane

  4. These are just beautiful!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend. xo.

  5. Perfect rainbows Lindy. My go-to meme is Our World on Tuesday, which I know you already know about. I always try to link to it. Judith hosts Mosaic Monday and yours here would be perfect for that. I do Skywatch when I have something good and all the rest of my usual links are birds and nature memes. There are a bunch of great ones.

    1. Thanks for the tips to memes you enjoy Sallie.

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