Saturday, April 28, 2012

Poppy Macro

Photo taken April 26th 2012

The first poppies of the season are coming into bloom and I have been out experimenting with my camera, taking macros of them this week.

Last weekend we went away to Assisi in Umbria for the weekend to celebrate our Ruby Wedding Anniversary. We visited a number of the beautiful hill towns en route and spent a couple of days in Assisi. The plan was to share lots of photos with you this week.

However, what do they say about the best laid plans? Since our return home I have been having computer problems, resulting in a complete failure that meant it went away to be repaired. The repair does not appear to have been successful as I am still having major problems. My husband has managed to reset it yet again and I am frantically trying to post before it crashes yet again.  I have successfully shared some photos of our Wisteria on News From Italy and a few photos of our hotel in Assisi on Travel Tales.

It looks like I shall be taking a forced blogging break for awhile until these problems are sorted out. I may be away some time as we also have a few busy weeks ahead of us in real life, with Birthday celebrations and friends visiting to look forward to.

I will be back as soon as possible and will in the meantime still be enjoying your photographs, just maybe not commenting as much as normal.

See you all again soon with hopefully a properly functioning computer and lots of photos to share with you.


  1. Well first of all Happy Anniversary!!!! Second, WOW about that photo here. I love red poppies. I hope you come back soon and your computer has a miraculous healing.

  2. If you have to take a break you will be missed you post some wonderful photos of places I will never see.........I love Poppies they make me think of all the soliders who have died in all the wars.......

  3. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful macro. Best wishes!

  4. Hello Lindy.
    Incredibly beautiful macrobillede you show.
    It ertræls of having computer problems, but nothing is wrong and there is no good for anything.
    Enjoy your involuntary pause - I have probably a wonderful weather where you live.
    Wishing you a good Sunday / good "break".
    Hugs Hanne Bente

  5. Hi Linda! It's me, turning up like the bad penny!! First of all, the header photo is quite stunning my friend. I love poppies, especially the beautifully coloured ones that you can get now. The shot you have for us today is wonderful. I'm still playing around with the camera that I had for Christmas. I've read and re-read the instruction booklet, but, for some reason, I can't get my head around the ISO thing and the Aperture thing!! Take care, and see you again on your return.

  6. Great photo, not a poppy in sight here, too much rain me thinks, everything is washed away!! Diane

  7. Sorry to hear about your computer problems, technology can be so annoying! Have a good break anyway, and fun with family! xx

  8. Hi Lindy-Lou! Thanks for your lovely comments and support on my blog. I'm sorry about your computer problems. I will miss your posts but I'll keep checking by anyway. It must be the year for forced blogging breaks.

    I love your Poppy macro and your blog header is spectacular!

    Enjoy your time with family. We too have an awful lot of birthdays coming up. Both my husband & I have 4 other siblings each and we have 9 children between us so birthdays seem to go on forever.

  9. Ohhhh......I dislike computer problems hugely..and I'm sorry to hear you're getting your turn at them (seems to happen for everyone, I guess).

    But oh, what a pretty little poppy--and it's red so it's sorta celebrating your Ruby Anniversary.
    What an awesome thing to be able to celebrate.

    Happy Anniversary to you and your honey--congratulations and here's to many, many more celebrations!!!

  10. I like the texture of these beautiful petals of soft colors, very nice macro. I hope you have solved your problems with your computer.

  11. Wild Poppies in bloom in April , such a weird thing!!!
    (this should be one from your garden though :)
    Do not stop taking beautiful photos during your break..please :)

  12. Well happy anniversary first!!! and sounds as if it was lovely! Sorry that you are having problems with your computer, but sometimes someone just steps "in " and we have a break that we needed anyway. We will all be right here when you get back. Sounds as if your trip was awesome, and I will look forward to seeing some photos when you get your computer and your life on the blog track again. Have a wonderful week, and guess I will just have to look at old posts of yours since i have been gone a few weeks myself. blessings! Jeanne

  13. oH, and the macro you did of the poppy is just lovely!

  14. Cute macro!
    Looking forward to see photographs of Assisi!

    have a great week

  15. Stunning macro!
    Have a great time!

  16. That would blow up to make a super poster!

  17. Gorgeous macro! Sorry to hear about the 'puter problems (I hate when that happens)... will check out the other blogs and look forward to your 'catch up' posts when you get everything ironed out.

  18. Wow, congratulations on a Ruby Anniversary! I look forward to seeing photos from your trip and meandering around the countryside. Your macro poppy is excellent! The color is perfect. Hope the problems with the pc are resolved soon. Enjoy your time with family.

  19. My favorite friend LindyLou
    I am sending thousands of wishes from my heart, for your wedding anniversary!
    Be happy throughout his life!
    Sorry for the computer: (
    The macro-picture of you is fantastic!
    Many greetings and kisses

  20. Beautiful shot! Must flip over to the other blog to see the wisteria.

  21. Hi Linda,

    I love to see poppies in a field, especially red ones, although these days there seem to be more variety of colours appearing.

    The red colour is so strong, yet the flower itself so fragile, such a shame that their flowering span is so short.

    Your macro photography is brilliant, really makes me wish that I was any good at it at all .... I am brilliant if you want half a picture of a subject, neatly fitted into a very small slither to one side of the page .... Dave is much better, although these days he just doesn't get the time to take himself off out with his camera, or his fishing rods for that matter!!


  22. I had been missing you and wondered why! Hope you get it resolved soon! It's so hard being without the computer! I am having issues with seeing all the pictures people post, and I don't know why. It's annoying to say the least!

    Beautiful macro! I love the red! Can't wait to see photos of yopur anniversary, too!

  23. This is an excellent photo of the poppy. You can see the pollen dusted about the stamens. Good one!


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