Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hidden Secrets Revealed

Hidden Secrets Revealed on Tywyn Beach

During the winter months it has often been possible to see parts of the Ancient Petrified Forest, hidden under the shifting sands of Tywyn Beach. The photo I am sharing here today and with Outdoor Wednesday is one of many photos of the forest I have taken recently.

On my Travel Tales blog I devoted a post to this fascinating phenomenon  Ancient Forest - Tywyn Beach - Wales if you are interested.  

Some of you may well have even seen the forest on television as it has been featured on the national news in the UK.

Outdoor Wednesday


  1. It is truly an amazing place, Linda. :-)

  2. I've read so much about all that's been uncovered in Wales. A bit like a crime novel giving up some (hopefully even more to come!) of its secrets!

    Just up my street (as a writer of crimel novels!)

    Super post.

  3. Lovely shot and will have to look this up. What an incredible place this must be, and how great that you are out there with your camera!

  4. Ahhh.....your camera is revealing to us ancient stories and petrified forests. Interesting! Thanks.
    JM Illinois

  5. Yes, wonderful framing perspective!

  6. Love when nature gives us a look into history!

  7. Meravigliosa natura!
    Ti abbraccio cara e buona serata!

  8. Always something good to find in a beach - but a forest is a tad unusual!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  9. During one of my long dry spells (I think during the time I was without a computer) you lost your dear husband. I am so sorry! I just read about his passing on the sidebar. Please accept my sincerest condolences. I hope and pray God will bless you and help you heal from this loss.

    The petrified wood is so wonderful. I need to check out your other blog!


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