Friday, August 1, 2014

Faces On Friday - World at Work - Ferry Ticket Office - Myanchan Jetty - Mandalay - Myanmar

A couple of weeks ago for my World at Work feature I posted photos of the famous Star Ferry in Hong Kong. I came across this photo when I was writing the next post for Travel Tales which is about a trip to Mingun from Mandalay. It struck me just how very different the World of Work is for these young ladies in comparison to those Hong Kong Ferry Sailors.

The second photo is of my daughter and myself with the 'Tourist Police', there to make sure everything went smoothly and that we caught the right ferry! They were very keen to be photographed with us, they are so excited that more people are now visiting their beautiful country. I thought it made a good subject for 'Faces On Friday'

Please visit my Travel Tales blog if you are interested in seeing more photos of the trip to Mingun.
Mandalay - Part Three - Impressions of Myanmar - Burma


  1. i am glad you showed an up close of the tourist police

  2. Great captures. Love the smiles :)

  3. What a great photo of you and your daughter and the tourist police. What exactly do they do? Harass tourists?

  4. What great smiles! Nice photos.

  5. How I wish I could take people pictures as well as you can! Lovely memories of your wonderful trip.

  6. Dear Linda, great photos as always! Your daughter looks very like you. I never would think of taking a photo of a ticket office, and yet I find it totally fascinating. Thank you for helping me to see with new eyes! Love Linda x


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