Friday, May 1, 2015

Glorious Rhododendron and Camellia - Floral Friday Fotos

May 1st and I am back! After a break of three months I found out that I am missing my photography blog, so have decided to revive it.
The plan is to try and post regular photos by picking a different meme each time to help me decide which of my ever growing supply of photos to use.
Of course the spirit of participating in memes is to visit other contributors, this is where I may run into trouble due to lack of time. I will do my best to call by as many other participants as I can and will always do so to those that have visited and commented on my own posts. After all it is part of the fun!

To start me off I have chosen to join Floral Friday Fotos today with two photos of a stunning Rhododendron and Camellia, I photographed in Devon on March 25th 2015. The first I had seen this year. Taken at Greenway, the post about my visit can be found on Travel Tales.


  1. Gorgeous flowers! have a happy weekend.

  2. this gorgeous flower is what we call Mama's Pink dress color... she had 3 dresses all this color.

    1. Sandra, just to let you know I am not able to comment on your blog today, photo selection verification does not work for me!!!!

  3. I am so longing for Rhododendron time in my garden. Beautiful photos.

  4. Well welcome back and love your rhody shots! HOpe this finds you well

  5. Lovely and colourful photos. I have my first rhododendrons in bloom just now. Have a nice Sunday.

  6. Welcome back, Linda! These are luscious blooms. :-)

  7. Welcome bacKk to your second blogging home! That is a lucious Rhody!

  8. Wonderful shots, Lindy Lou! Glad to see you back in blogland.
    Many thanks for participating in Floral Friday Fotos. Your input is appreciated.

  9. Saw your link at nature notes ...glad you're back:):) Spring gives us so much to photograph, doesn't it? These camellia are quite large! And we had a rhododendron when living in Holland - the blooms are gorgeous!


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