Thursday, February 18, 2016

Padstow - Cornwall - Signs - Almshouses

                     Today I am again continuing with the Padstow theme for the Signs meme.

 The above Signs all appear on the Almshouses in Padstow, Cornwall  
The Collins English Dictionary Definition of the noun Almshouse is a privately supported house offering accommodation to the aged or needy.


                     For more photos from my visit to Padstow, please visit my posts on  Travel Tales
                                                           The National Lobster Hatchery
                                                           Faces On Friday - Stone Face - Padstow


                   More information about almshouses can be found via the following links.

                              UK - Almshouses - Listing     Wikipedia     Almshouses - Padstow


  1. I always like to find date stones on old buildings.

  2. the blue trim on the building and those fantastic windows kept me from looking at the signs.. ha ha... i do love stones and fancy windows.

  3. A great collection of signs. Well done Diane

  4. I love that last picture -- it goes on and on and on. Fun to research history by starting with the cornerstone.


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