Monday, June 18, 2012

Jack Go To Bed By Noon

Photo taken May 24th 2012
Common name : Jack go to Bed By Noon. Salsify)
Latin name : Tragopogon spp.
Family name : Asteraceae/Compositae
Commonly called Goat's beard, this plant goes by many different common names including:  Common Salsify, Meadow Salsify, Yellow Salsify, Goatsbeard and Jack-Go-To-Bed-At-Noon because the flowers are often closed around mid day.
I am delighted to be joining four memes with my photo choice for today.

Favourite Photo Monday    Mellow Yellow


  1. Semplicemente meravigliosa!
    Ciao cara:)

  2. Wow this flower has a different design and yes I love the color too.


  3. Linda I am not sure I know this plant but the flower is gorgeous. Diane

  4. Special with the underlight on the flower.


  5. that's a cool one! Seriously..I don't think we have 'em around here. And I'm up WAYYYY before noon...LOL JUST sayin'! ;-)

  6. Jack go to bed by noon...what a mouth full. And your mouth would be full if you ate it because that's a huge flower. LOL. :)

    But really what a pretty plant! So foreign to this Kansas girl.

  7. Wow, I have never see that kind of flower before.

    Golden Memories from Korea, hope you'd come and see my MYM!

  8. Beautiful flower, never seen one before. x

  9. What a fun common name for a plant I have not seen before. Lovely! Have a great day! Mildred

  10. So cool, pretty in Yellow!

    Visiting for Favourite Photo Monday- Hope you can stop by..

  11. Beautiful flower..

    Visiting for FPM- hope you can stop by..

  12. Visiting again for MYM- hope you can stop by..

  13. So many names and I don't even know how it's called in Portuguese... Beautifully shot!


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