Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Floral Train

This engine was the one used on 13th August 2013 for the Talyllyn Railway Flower Train.

I am posting this photo into the Signs Meme today

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  1. Lindy that is wonderful...I definitely am heading over to your travel blog because I can't wait to learn more about this.

  2. that is really special LindyLou. Take care!

  3. How pretty! Thank you for including the link - I enjoyed all your photos over there and the choir is indeed very talented.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my signs.


  4. Lovely little train engine. I was once in Wales and went on a atrain ride on a narrow guage railway. It was charming. Right at the moment, ... oh yes, think it was the Ffestiniog??? does that ring a bell. Anyway, it was lovely, but I could not pronounce any of the towns.


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