Friday, March 28, 2014

Faces On Friday - Fishermen - Hong Kong

On my daily walks exploring Hong Kong I often came across the fishermen that seem to spend all day down at the Harbour fishing, just like these two. Neither of them had caught anything for me to photograph this time, but they enjoyed seeing their photos.


  1. I like both of these and on the very few times I have taken people shots, they do like seeing them. when it is children or dogs, i tell them i will email the pics. several of them have given me email addresses.

  2. PS i doubt these guys have email... LOL

    1. I doubt it, but nowadays with digital at least they get to see themselves on the screen. :)

  3. I like it when they cooperate with tourists.
    You got great pics.

  4. I adore you these great portraits!

  5. I love character shots like these, and, yes, lovely that they were quite happy to have their photos taken.

  6. What characterful faces the fishermen have - it is always wise to ask before shooting and invariably the answer is positive.

  7. Beautiful character studies, Lindy- and I love the ships in the background. Looks like a blustery day! xo Karen

  8. It is good to ask permission ! I wish I could take better portraits. You're very good.

  9. Fascinating pictures!
    I love your header picture too.
      What a Exciting Journey!!

    Eva jorunn

  10. Interesting characters and setting. I would like to take more close-up shots of individuals, but often feel too shy to ask if I may.


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