Friday, April 4, 2014

Faces On Friday - Shopping in Yangon - Myanmar - Burma

I was fortunate to visit this fascinating and beautiful country recently and I came home with thousands of photographs, plenty of material for this regular Friday post.  This photo also appears in my first post on my Travel Tales blog about the trip that I have just published.   Yangon - First Impressions of Myanmar - Burma

Are you grateful not to have to carry your shopping home like this? I certainly am, although I am sure it would be good for ones posture!


  1. Yes, a good picture, excellent document of this working woman!

  2. I honestly don't think I could. I struggle to carry the bags home and our store is only a 7 minute brisk walk. Respect, these ladies do it without batting an eyelid.


  3. I hope it is not too heavy, else it will hurt her spinal cord. Great pic.

  4. Wonderful picture. My mother used to make me walk with a book on my head, in an effort to correct my posture. It worked sort of .

  5. IPAd sent the above comment before I was ready).... I am not comparing my 10 minute practice (under teen age protest) with what this lady does every day.... just was agreeing with you that it would definitely improve one's posture. I am also glad I don't need to do this.

    1. I recall having to walk with a book on the head as well Sallie. :)

  6. Maybe I need to carry packages like this!

  7. Un equilibrio perfetto...quanta bravura!
    Splendida immagine!
    Buona domenica cara Lindy.

  8. Love what you capture, the ordinary faces and work that define a place. You have become quite an accomplished ethnoculturalist!

  9. Now that is a wonderful way to keep your hands free! Love her pretty clothes! - Karen


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