Friday, June 13, 2014

Faces On Friday - Cheroot Smoking Lady - Myanmar

During our travels in Myanmar we often saw ladies smoking cigars, technically Cheroots, as they are a cylindrical cigar with both ends clipped during manufacture. During our visit we did in fact on another occasion see them being manufactured, but I will save those photos for another post. Although also smoked in other countries cheroots are most commonly associated with Myanmar by the British, maybe because smoking them was so widespread in the colonial days. They also feature in George Orwell's novel Burmese Days and Kipling's MandalayThe photo I have shared today was taken during a visit to Maha Muni Pagoda .

I have posted more photos from this visit on my blog Travel Tales in the post entitled Mandalay - Part Two - Impressions of Myanmar.


  1. she looks like she is enjoying it... at age 13 I sneaked a cigar off the fridge that someone gave daddy that had a baby. i took a couple of puffs and got really sick. never touched another one.

  2. My husband loves cigars as do most of his buddies.
    This is just a fantastic photo!


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