Thursday, June 12, 2014

Signs - Monastery Rules - Myanmar

When I am taking photos I find myself thinking about the memes I can use them for. Monastery Rules is I think a good choice for the Signs meme.  I have posted some photos from my visit to Mahagandhayon Monastery on my blog Travel Tales in the post entitled Mandalay - Part Two - Impressions of Myanmar.

An interesting set of rules that we could all get some ideas from, I think Number One is probably the most important, but what do you think?

Signs meme


  1. An interesting set of rules and I would agree with you that the first is a good one, Lindy.

  2. I definitely like the first one best and am thoroughly confused by #8. :-) How does one walk cleverly? :-)

  3. the first four are great and could apply to all of us, the ones about clever can be scratched completely but only because i don't care for the clever part of the rules...

  4. Interesting set of rules. I would agree with #1.

    Thanks for your visit and comment on my signs.

    Happy weekend to you,



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