Thursday, July 3, 2014

Signs - Post Please - Marta - Italy

Signs Meme

I have just returned from a trip to Italy, the first time since the death of my husband last year. I felt it was time I faced my demons, a difficult trip with lots of sad moments, smiles as well though as my friends and neighbours in Marta were so very welcoming. Whilst I was there I of course took the opportunity to add to my photo collection, which I will enjoy sharing with you on my blogs. 

Somehow this is so much more attractive than an ordinary letterbox, what do you think?


  1. You have been very courageous throughout what must have been a really difficult year for you. You have travelled with your daughter to Burma, joined a walking group in Wales and now returned to face your demons successfully in Italy. Many of us with take inspiration from you Linda.

  2. Bravo Linda. May memories of happier times help to buoy you up. This is a great post (no pun intended!) and I do like the little "roof" over the mail window! Thanks for sharing your journey and photos - looking forward to seeing more of your pix of Italy as time and the inclination permits.

  3. Well done Linda, I cannot add to anything that Rosemary said , xox

    Oh I want one of these please. Of course so much more attractive . I am going to Italy in September , to the Italian Grand Prix but hope to see more too. take care xo

  4. I can imagine how difficult your time in Marta must have been as I'm feeling emotional for you as I read your news, but it must have also been good to see friends and neighbours there. You know how much I love Italy too and miss being there. The letterbox, even the lettering makes me feel nostalgic and it's a beautiful one. Looking forward to you sharing more images of Italy.

  5. it is a beautiful mail box and very old... it would not work for us, because the junk mail would not fit through that slit, but that would be a good thing

  6. Hello Linda,

    We really cannot imagine how difficult this was for you. It is so brave to go back to all those familiar sights and sounds but experiencing them alone. Whatever, you have done this and we are certainly inspired by your courage.

    The letterbox is charming. Far nicer than the rather horrid flimsy metal contraptions that we have here in Budapest. A great example of the way in which practical things can also be items of beauty.

  7. Hello Linda,

    I am happy for you that you made the trip back to Italy. A necessary trip in the healing process I would think. Sending you warm thoughts and wishes.

    Yes...the letterbox...very charming.

  8. Hello Lindylou,
    I am sure that although difficult it was the right thing to go back to Italy. Did you see your garden? I will look forward to seeing your lovely photos. The post box is wonderful.
    Many thanks for your comments, it was a very special place. I hope I get to do more weddings there.
    I am looking forward to some sunshine and a little rest. Much love to you, Linda xx

  9. Mi piacerebbe averne una, proprio così!
    Bella foto!
    Ciao cara Lindy e buona serata.

  10. I'm sure your friends and neighbours were also glad to see you and know that that connection will continue.
    I see even in this nice mail box there is more junk mail!

  11. You are so honest and brave ... in sharing your life and in going back to Marta. I am glad your neighbors and old friends were there to help ... and to remember David and the good times along with you

  12. Good for you. I think you will have more peace now that you've been back. xo Jenny

  13. What a great mailbox! Tom The Backroads Traveller


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