Wednesday, October 1, 2014

ABC Wednesday - L - Locality

I do not seem to have had much time for blogging in recent weeks, but I have not given up! The weather in recent weeks has been beautiful and I have made the most of it, getting out and about with my camera. As the letter for  ABC Wednesday this week is L it seemed a good opportunity to share a photo from the LOCALITY I am blessed to call home. 

The photo I have shared here today is from my album Sunday in Tywyn where you may view other photos from my Locality

ABC Wednesday


  1. beautiful view, love the red colors and that water

  2. Ciao carissima,
    quanta bellezza in questa immagine!
    Sono incantata!
    Grazie per averla condivisa con noi.
    Lita serata!

  3. A beautiful locality it is! Always good to see you.

  4. Wow- that is an awesome shot!

  5. Your thumbnail stood out so I had to click on it....awesome shot♪

  6. I have been in the same boat too Lindy, a little break harms nobody. Nice shot of your locality.

  7. Lovely photo. I know what yo mean about no time to blog. The days seem to get shorter and the weeks as well. I have taken masses of photos in two trips away in September but no time to sort them out and go through them all! Maybe when winter arrives...... We will though be in the UK for Christmas with my FIL. Take care and I am glad that you are busy and enjoying life. Diane xx

  8. Beautiful picture ! looks almost like a painting !


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