Wednesday, October 22, 2014

ABC Wednesday - O - Onions

A photo from My Archives taken at San Pellegrino Infiore in 2011

More photos from this event can be found in my album entitled San Pellegrino Infiore

ABC Wednesday


  1. Who would think that onions would make such an interesting subject? But they really do. Great shot.

    It made me think of the poem If I were a Head of Lettuce...only we could change the wording to:

    If I were a peely onion
    I'd cut myself in two
    I'd give the peels to all my friends
    And save the heart for you

  2. You know your onions! Interesting to see them laid out like that.

  3. Great choice for your O's. Hope you are doing very well!

  4. tra la la (it's a song reference)


  5. This makes me think of a crowd of people… each one so different.

  6. Couldn’t be a better representation for the letter! I can’t live without these … one of the food groups in our house.


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