Wednesday, October 29, 2014

ABC Wednesday - P - Pagodas - Myanmar

Christmas Eve 2013 my daughter and I had a very busy day with our guide exploring the 'Bagan Archaeological Zone a Pagoda packed day, the most amazing place. The sunset that we viewed from the terraces of the Shwesandaw Pagoda was a spectacular sight.  A Christmas Eve sunset I will never forget!

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This photo is my submission for this week when ABC Wednesday has reached  P

ABC Wednesday


  1. i love the shot you got here of these amazing pagodas and the lighting is just perfect!

  2. so beautiful, I love all the spires against that light

  3. Very nice shot! I like how you composed it with the mountain peaks in the background.

    1. Thanks for your visit, I did try to return the compliment but my security said your site was unsafe to visit! Thought I should try and let you know.

  4. I would love to visit Myanmar - closest I got was Pai, Thailand. So glad that they are allowing tourists to visit easily now.

  5. Beautifully atmospheric photo.

  6. A magical moment captured forever - lovely.

  7. Wow! Very beautiful and mesmerizing.

  8. HoW amazing ... What an unforgettable experience it must have been ... Your photo is lovely!

  9. Really really wonderful ! Gorgeous !
    Best regards, Synnöve


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