Thursday, October 27, 2016

Black Boy Inn - Signs

It is six months since I last posted here on my Photography blog and I have missed doing so.  I am now back after a very busy few months, with lots of photos which I am looking forward to sharing on the blog.

As it is Thursday I am returning by joining in the Meme today for Signs


The Black Boy Inn is one of the oldest inns in North Wales, dating back to 1522 and is within Caernarfon's historic town walls. An easy walk from the town centre and 13th-century castle, this is where I was lucky enough to stay for the night on my last road trip.

Learn more about the ‘Welshest Restaurant and Pub in the World’ – 2016 on the website or Facebook

This photo was taken during a recent visit to see the Weeping Window Cascade which is on tour of the UK and is currently at Caernarfon Castle.

If you are interested I have just published a post about my visit on Travel Tales


  1. I don't think that sign would work here in the USA, especially not in the times we are in right now..

  2. It certainly would not work in Africa! Welcome back Diane

  3. Nice to see you back! Also will check out your travel Tales

  4. Nice to see you here again, Linda. It seems that there are a few of us coming back 😊


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