Thursday, November 6, 2014

ABC Wednesday - Q - Quince

Publishing my entry to ABC Wednesday a day late this week, I was busy yesterday and forgot! As I actually had some Quince photos from Our Garden in Italy I decided to go ahead and join in late. The Quince were made into Jam and Jellies, the last few jars of which I am still enjoying.

ABC Wednesday


  1. Adoro la gelatina di melecotogne!
    Bellissime come sempre, le tue foto.
    Ciao cara Lindy!

  2. I saw the fruit in the bowl and thought, that looks like mothers cooking pears, looked up Quince to see what they are and found they are in the pear family...

  3. I would love to taste the jam! Nice photos!

  4. I still don't think I've tasted this.


  5. Love quince jelly and jam, have plenty here still on the shelf despite not having a good fruit year this year :-) Keep well Diane

  6. How beautiful it is in all stages! I am not sure I've ever tried a quince in jelly or any other way.

  7. I've never see a quince growing although I've been given the jelly to try in the past.

  8. I don't get to see this in Bangalore.
    Great pics.
    Happy ABCW!


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